On the 2nd of September at 5 PM, "Streams", an exhibition of Ove Büttmer's paintings will be opened at the Music Department Gallery of Tartu Public Library on Kompanii Str. 3/5. The present show is the third exhibition in the jubilee series, "Ove Büttner 50".

The earliest painting of the present exhibition dates from 1988 and the most recent from 2009. In addition to the artist’s Neo-impressionist canvases, so rich in colour, the exhibition also includes his works that take a bow before Flemish classics and the most recent paintings, which technique has not yet been even named. Büttner’s style of painting and deep knowledge of the history of painting assume finding a suitable technique or even inventing one to convey his message the best possible way.

Ove Büttner is generally renowned as a colorist. In his works, the beholder can notice various manipulations with canvas, different brush strokes, and radiant colours. They behold both radiance as well as darkness, perception of details and a good sense of composition. And Ove Büttner’s paintings are alive and kicking.

A key for comprehending this spirit can be found from William Somerset Magham's sentce by which he has characterised one of his heroes in the novel, The Razor's Edge, – "Larry roamed the world to seek out what spng the Sirens sang." The author's thought from the same novel, "love isn't a good sailor" might also serve the purpose. While searching for his Sirens, Ove Büttner has found canons that take off fromhis current moods. He observes these canons, being loyal to himself, during the concrete ceative period, or so to speak, where he has harboured at this very moment.