Estonian Painters Association’s exhibition “Insipid Paintings”

From the 4th of July up to the 2th of August in the Haapsalu Town Gallery and Evald Okas Museum, Estonia

“Insipid Paintings” as a theme sounds quite irritating. Insipid, however, implies a lack of sufficient taste. But it should not essentially be so. Insipid as understood in the classical Chinese aesthetics is not the lack of taste, but the presence of all tastes in their perfection. Every selected and highlighted taste, every colour, every sound is limited and final in its actuality. You cannot take it back, or change it – it has become something that rules out any other possibility, all other givings.

Insipidity is open to all tastes with all its possibilities and always contains more than all separate tastes. In this way, insipidity is less, but not the least.

In the case of insipid art, giving is important, not the product – the moment before the paint becomes colour, an interval between two notes, when one has not faded and the other one is not yet ringing.

Participants: Mall Nukke, Valev Sein, Sven Saag, Valeri Vinogradov,Tiina Tammetalu, Mati Kütt, Tiiu Pallo-Vaik, Einar Vene, Anne Parmasto, Mall Paris, Andrus Rõuk, Silva Eher, Toomas Altnurme, Uno Roosvalt, Ove Büttner, Maire Koll, Kristiina Kaasik, Ivo Vinogradov, Lii Pähkel, Renee Aua, Tiit Jaanson, Priit Joala, Epp Viires, Kristiina Kaasik, Riina Kivirüüt, Ene Luik-Mudist and others.

Curator: Andres Koort