Ove Büttner “Life is a Halo” in the Gallery of the Castellan's House from the 15th up to the 30th of June 2007

Twelve oil paintings, completed in the spring of 2007, – the works motioned by structures, macrostructures and glazings – express the imaginations related to the word “halo”. The process of thinking and feeling are really the same phenomenon. If I think of the word “halo”, I see accords and harmony of colours, not a circle around the Sun or the Moon in an astrophysical sense. Halo is visible from one angle, and invisible from another. Regarding halo in earthly, that is, in traditional meaning, then it only takes a minute or an hour – a fraction; however, halo encircling a galaxy can last for milliards of years, as observed from outside. Halos surround human beings, and parachutes that open in an unusually high altitude are called halos. Halo is an item name of helicopters, and used in military terminology. According to this, the word “halo” means more than it at first seems.

Ove Büttner