Red and Green Life: Tension Hidden into Geometrical Patterns

An exhibition of Owe Büttner's paintings, "Red and Green", is displayed in the Sammas Gallery. In spite of the pretentious title, other colours are also to be found on large-size canvases.
Why does the exhibition's title highlight only two colours? According to Owe Büttner's explanation, the pictures have been painted in spring and in autumn. "On one hand, spring is green and, on the other hand, autumn is red. As so is the whole life - red and green, a constant inconsistency. These two are the most active opposite colours, which composition might yield interesting results. Blue and yellow, on the other hand, suit to complement them."

Paintings Finished at One Swell Swoop

Four out of the six works exposed belong to series of geometric abstractions. They are all untitled, because Owe Büttner believes that any title would suit for an abstract painting, depending on the viewer's vision and interpretation. Acting on impulse, he names the painting hanging behind his shoulder "Malachite" on the spot.
"I began with the series, because I wanted to discover a new style of painting for myself," Büttner speaks. "I have never painted in the geometric style before. It is distinct for hiding the biggest tension and has to be performed with perfection. When a surface is still wet from paint, you cannot coat the surface next to it. I have a spontaneous creative method, completing a picture in the same mood. When the paints are already dry, I neither add, nor change anything."