The Parrot's Eye Was Sold at the Special Olympics Ball

On Friday the first Estonian Special Olympics Concert-Ball was held at the Estonian Concert Hall. It was a charity event, aimed at showing gratitude to all the trainers and teachers of the participants of special olympics events.

Several foreign embassies supported the organisation of the charity ball. The programme included the Estonian Special Olympics' special thanks to the United Kingdom and Chinese Embassies. Toomas Hendrik Ilves, the President of Estonian Special Olympics, and his wife Merry Bullock-Ilves also gave their best to make the event a success.
The National Director of Estonian Special Olympics Committee, Laive Poska, claimed that the organisation uniting athletes with mental disabilities is named Special Olympics, because its membership is unique. Several well-known sportsmen supported their special fellow athletes in organising the ball and participated in it. Among others, Erki Nool hosted the programme.

Even Tudeberg as a Santa Claus
A businessman, Even Tudeberg, a former sportsman, was the best known supporter of the ball. He bought himself both the articles offered at the ball's auction. He procured a rear bottle of cognac produced for the wedding of the Spanish princess for 7,000 EEK and "The Parrot's Eye", a huge painting by an Estonian artist, Ove Büttner, for 15,000 EEK. The initial price for the bottle of cognac was 1,000 EEK, and for the painting - 7,000 EEK.

The Participants in the Special Olympics Sang with the Ellerhein
The Ellerhein, who took the floor at the concert part, bears an honourable name of the supportive choir of the Estonian Special Olympics. On Friday the soloists among the Special Olympians performed together with the choir. Perhaps that was the most emotional moment of the evening.
According to the words of Laive Poska, the ball was predominantly organised to fulfil the thin purse, caused by the previous participation in the Special Olympics event. The cause was indeed met. Several people financially supported the ball, though they could not participate themselves. The Prime Minister, Mart Siimann, personally delivered his welcoming note to the Special Olympics.