The Rythms of Uranus

"Uranus", an exhibition of Ove Büttner's (studio Renaissance) paintings in the St. Olaf's Hall of the House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads, is in many ways surprising and unprecedented. First, already because it is the first art exhibition displayed in the St. Olaf's Hall. Moreover, the surface of the walls has been used extremely economically, as the exhibition consists of only six, though comparatively large canvases. All the works are also untitled, and - even unsigned! Such a modesty is hardly too frequently seen. Paintings represent pulsating abstractions that opalesce in fine transitions of shades. Works that are based on such sophisticated contrast and smooth colour games demand distance for exploration, which has been kindly taken into account - all the works are placed on the same surface of the wall right opposite to the door. In that way, the sense of unity and completeness has been created, because the pictures must take effect together, while taken apart, there would be neither the ryhtms nor development. As for Büttner's development, he seems to become more and more abstract, paying ever less attention to the figure. Though figures are also to some extent represented in this show. A good material for comparison would be, for instance, one of the best known works of Büttner, "Arearea". That is as if his line has turned somewhat abrupter.
Of course, all these could be imaginary changes, everything can be understood and interpreted as one pleases. At least, our hands are not tied, as Ove Büttner has not imposed a kilometre-long conception on us. There is no conception. There are only the rythms of Uranus.