Mythos + Logos... And No Politics

/.../ For instance, Ove Büttner's set of two paintings, "Arearea" and "Golden Hill", - indeed in fabulously rich colours, as the compiler of the exhibition states in the foreword to the exposition. In their pastel bright-green-golden shades, they lift you up from the ground, literally to the merry-go-round and generate the same childishly blissful all-forgetful and all-ravishing vertigo as Pierre Bonnard's late-impressionistic canvases. And then, by striking surprise, you come to wonder now and here, why the Estonian art has not so far... cultivated a "Bonnard". The anxious idyl of "Golden Hill" assures that Büttner's (perhaps subconscious, but why not sincerely open) bow to the French master of painting is in no way a pitiably low cringe. Where as if hiding, but nevertheless (insidiously? or... unfortunately, indifferently?) trolleys and leprechauns, dwarfs, susliks and mice, golden rods and magic wands... eyes, trails and ... clutches are scowling at you. The merry-go-round of times, the porosity of hills - luring and frightening. /.../