Ove BŁttner's exhibition in Viimsi St. James Church
An exhibition of Ove Büttner’s paintings will be opened on Sunday, the 22th of July at 12.45 in Viimsi St James Church, Nurme Road 3, Harju county. The exhibition that coincides with Viimsi Church Days is the first event of the kind organised in the premises of the above mentioned church. It will be exhibited during the inauguration of recently erected church building on St. James Day, Wednesday, the 25th of July. The exhibition will be opened to the public up to the end of August.

ImageIt includes a selection of Ove Büttner’s works created in the recent years, for instance, his series of paintings, Creatures Go to the Holy Top, a part of his this year’s exhibition, Life is a Halo, and a brand new work that contemplates on the apostle James the Elder.

Vappu Thurlow has written about the series, Creatures Go to the Holy Top (Eesti Ekspress, 14.09.2005). The full-text of the article is also published in the Articles section of this homepage. Ove Büttner has earlier introduced his paintings in the Life is a Halo series in the News section of the homepage.

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