Andri Ksenofontov - Juubeli paiste
Katrin Kivimaa – The Church Gallery in Viimsi was Opened with Büttner's Exhibition
Vappu Thurlow - Pojad ja vanaisad
Andri Ksenofontov - The Lasting Value of Fleeting Moments in Family Photos
Vappu Thurlow - The Creatures of Dreams
Andri Ksenofontov - Büttner's Atoms
Ille Grün-Ots - White Sheep in the Right Bottom Corner
Karen Jagodin - Owe Büttner Makes Peace with Time and Looks into the Past
Anneli Aasmäe - Red and Green Life
Signe Valk - The Parrot's Eye Was Sold at the Special Olympics Ball
Owe Büttner - About Parnassus and Calvary
A Portrait of a Girl with Changing Hair Colour
Heli Lehtsaar - Estonian Artists Go to the World
Ove Büttner - About Neo-impressionism in the Light of an Exhibition in the Brotherhood of Blackheads
Monika Sikk - 2 X Owe Büttner: Phoenix Rises from the Ashes
Katrin Kivimaa - Two Realities
Monica Sikk - Visions from the Dark Side of Uranus
Rainer Vilumaa - The Rythms of Uranus
Sandra Roosi - Pig Blood and Belly Dance, Colour Game and Mysticism
Johannes Saar - Could a Galactic Catastrophe Be Beautiful? : Ove Büttner, an Earnest Artist
Monica Sikk - Ove Büttner Moving Through Time Tunnel
Johannes Saar - If You Believe Then It Exists
Heie Treier - Conservatism as Radicalism
Piret Pukk - Mythos + Logos... And No Politics
Heie Treier - Chronicle
Margit Kaseorg - Dream Landscapes in Tallinn Art Hall Gallery
Vappu Vabar - Heavenly and Earthly Love II
Vappu Vabar - Different Youth Art
Raoul Kurvits - Do not Think that These Are Your Best Paintings
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